Girl interrupted

(SM) Girl Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen 168

  • Pg. 1-27 Total: 1665

    In these pages, Susanna goes to the "doctor" who deems her mentally ill and sends her to a mental hospital. She also describes what it is like to be insane and how other people see you. Inside the hospital, Susanna meets a girl who lit herself on fire and she wonders how the girl had enough courage to do that to herself. Also, Susnna's friend Lisa contantly runs away from the hospital because she doesn't want to be there but eventually the security catches her and she comes back.
  • Pg. 28-35 Total: 1662

    In these pages, Susanna learns the story of a woman who accidently hardened her hand in candy but she did not react even though it was burning hot. Also, Daisy comes to the hospital again (she comes every Thanksgiving) and everyone gets to know her again. She likes laxitives and only eats chicken but she keeps the carcasses in her room, fully intact. One day, Daisy decides to go home toher apartment with her boyfriend and everyone in the hospital learns that she committed suicide on her birthday
  • Pg. 36-72 Total: 1698

    In these pages, Susanna discusses what mindset is needed to commit suicide and she discusses the seclusion room where some patients go when they need to let out their anger. One day, another girl named Lisa comes to the hospital and her and the original Lisa always have competitions with each other. Also, Susanna is beginning to not be able to keep track of time and she starts freaking out.
  • Pg. 73-91 Total: 1716

    In these pages, Susanna talks about the differences between people who are crazy and how intense some cases are compared to others. She also talks about what the cells are like in the hospital and the privilages everyone gets depending on their insanity level. For example, if you're really hard to handle, multiple nurses will have to escort you everywhere you go. Finally, Susanna discusses the personalities of the nurses and which ones are the best, worst, and most fun to talk to.
  • Pg. 92-104 Total: 1728

    In these pages, a new girl, Torrey, is admitted itno the hospital and everyone is very concerned for her well being because her family hates her and blames her for everything and tries to make her think false thoughts and confuses her. When she is forced to gohome, everyone is nervous but wishes her luck and sends her on her way. Also, Susanna suddenly wonders if she has any bones and she frantically tries to dig into her skin to find them.
  • Pg. 105-115 Total: 1738

    In these pages, Susanna starts to get a wisdom tooth and her cheeks start to swell really big. Also, a new girl enters the hospital and her name is Alice. Everyone agrees that she had way too much energy, but when she freaks out and gets sent to maximum security, everyone gets worried.
  • Pg. 116-122 Total: 1744

    In these pages, Susanna is upset because her analyst, Melvin, dies of a heart attack. She has always been very fond of him and told him everything. He would use certain tactics on her and when she figured one out, he would change it. When she found tunnels beneath the hospital, she tells him about them but he doesn't seem too interested.
  • Pg. 123-143 Total: 1764

    In these pages, Susanna talks about how other people's reactions to her being in a mental hospital. She also talks about her new job and how it's going for her as well as talking about why she thinks mental illnesses occur. She says it is because there are two interpreters inside of your head and if the first interpreter's interpretation is deemed correct, then the person is insane.
  • Pg. 144- 159 Total: 1779

    In these pages, Susanna discusses what types of Boarder Personality Disorder there are and what they deal with. She also talks about why the hospital diagnosed her with this disorder and what it takes for a person to have it. She also discusses why more disorders are diagnosed in women than in men and how odd she thinks is is.
  • Pg. 160-168 Total: 1787

    In these pages, Susanna discusses what her life is like in the outside world. She talks about her friends and their lives and how she interacts with her husband and how once, she thought about leaving him but decided not to. She also runs in to Lisa again and they exchange a quick conversation and Lisa tells Susanna that she has a child and that her life is going great.