(SM) Everlost, Neal Shusterman

  • Pg. 1-43 Total: 1393

    In these pages, Nick and Allie get into a car crash and then get trapped in the world of Everlost where they roam like ghosts. They meet a kid in the forest and they learn about the McGill, the monster of Everlost, and about dead spots where ghosts (Afterlights) can stand without sinking into the earth. Allie starts calling him Lief and soon they leave the forest to go find a way home. Also, Mary Hightower gets visited by a Finder who tells her he found a whole birthday cake which is rare.
  • Pg. 44-59 Total: 1408

    In these pages, Allie and Nick run into a group of afterlights who try to take any loose possesions they have. Also, when Aliie threatens them that she will call the McGill if they try to push her down into the earth. They don't believe her and do it anyway but then Lief appears and the gang thinks he is the McGill so they run away in fear and Nick pulls her out of the earth just in time.
  • Pg. 60-74 Total: 1422

    In these pages, Nick, Allie and Lief make road shoesso they don't sink as quickly and make it all the way into the city and find a huge dead spot where the Twin Towers once stood. It is here that they meet Mary Hightower who takes care of hundreds of afterlights in the towers. She has writen many books about Everlost but Allie doesn't want to stay long with her because she doesn't like Mary.
  • Pg. 75-81 Total: 1428

    In these pages, Nick discovers that he really likes Mary and she feels the same. She tries to help him understand the ways of Everlost but while he is willing to learn them, Allie wants to know the stuff that Mary doesn't talk about and Mary is getting tired of her.
  • Pg. 82-94 Total: 1440

    In these pages, Mary tells Allie that Everlost buildings look clearer to afterlights than regular building do. Also, Allie discovers that everyone under Mary's care falls into a routine and they do the same thing everyday. Allie doesn't want this to happen to her or Nick or Lief so she makes a plan to get out of there as fast as possible.
  • Pg. 95-117

    In these pages, Nick tells Mary that he doesn't want to leave with Allie. Also, Allie finds out that there are talents that some afterlights posess that can allow them to interact with real world objects. Allie asks everyone why Mary doesn't talk about this, but they only tell her that is she wants to learn, she has to go see the Haunter. Vari also doesn't want Nick around because he can tell Mary likes him and he's jealous.
  • Pg. 118-125 Total: 1447

    In these pages, Nick, allie and Lief all set off in search of the Haunter and when they arrive he tells them to pick up a real world stone but neither Nick nor Lief can do it so they get put into pickle barrels. Wanting to save her friends, Allie desperately tries to pick up the stone and succeeds, but the Haunter will not release Nick and Lief right away, so she goes in search of help.
  • Pg. 126-140 Total: 1461

    In these pages, Allie goes to Mary to get her to help rescue Lief and Nick but she refuses, not wanting to risk the lives of the other afterlights. On her own, Allie wanders the streets and realizes that when a human walkes through her, she can actually read their thoughts. Still desperate for a rescue team though, Allie wanders into the other areas of Everlost in search of some companions.
  • Pg. 141-163 Total: 1483

    In these pages, Allie finds the group of afterlights that attacked her before and tells them her story and asks for help. They agree because there's a reward of food at the Haunter's place. When they arrive though, they find that the McGill has taken all the barrels and left the Haunter in one and Allie asks the group to help her fight the McGill but they refuse. Also, the McGill brings the barrels aboard his ship and they sail off.
  • Pg. 164-173 Total: 1492

    In these pages, the McGill finds Nick and Lief and a few others in the barrels he captured and when Nick and Lief try to escape the crew, they get "chimed". Also, the McGill reads fortune cookies which always come true in Everlost, so he knows what to do next.
  • Pg. 174-190 Total: 1508

    In these pages, Allie learns how to skinjack people (posess them) and she does this to a ferry captain so she can ride to the McGill's ghost ship. Once on board, she is forced to tell the McGill how she got on and he is intrigued. Wanting to learn the art of skinjacking, the McGill gives Allie hospitality i hopes that she will teach him how to skinjack.
  • 191-226 Total: 1543

    In these pages, Allie finds Nick and Lief but comes up with a plan to trick the McGill until she finds his weakness. She tells him that there are steps you must take in order to skinjack and she learns that the McGill climbed up from the center of the earth after he had sunk all the way down. She also thinks that he is beginning to like her, which freaks her out a lot. Allie learns that all the fortune cookie's fortunes are true, and the McGill finds her raiding his stash.
  • Pg. 227-258 Total: 1574

    In these pages, Nick escapes and tells Mary that Allie has a plan to destroy the McGill on a harbor in New Jersey. However, the McGill finds out that she is lying but still goes to the harbor because his fortune said to do so, even though it as a fake made by Allie.
  • Pg. 259-313 Total: 1628

    In these pages, Mary and Nick make it to the harbor along with Vari and Mary reveals that the McGill is her brother. She shows him a picture of himself and he changes back to normal. Also, Mary saves all the imprisoned children and takes them with her while Allie runs from the McGill because he wants revenge. Eventually he calms down though and tries to help Allie. Also, Nick discovers that coins help afterlights get to heaven so he gives all the children coins and they get sent on their way.