Slave trade in America

  • When slavery came to America

    When slavery came to America
    Slavery first came to America when Dutch Vessel came to the Britsh Colony in Vrginia with 20 black servants Dutch Vessel traded the black servants for food.
  • A Runaway Black Servant

    A Runaway Black Servant
    John Punch a runaway servant sentanced to servent for life and his two companions ectened servitude. He is the first documented slave for life
  • New law

    Netherlands law forbids residents from keeping and feeding runaway slaves.
  • First Colony To Legalize Slavery

    First Colony To Legalize Slavery
    Massachusetts is the first colony to legalize slavery
  • The Royal African Company

    The Royal African Company
    Slave laborers made the colony so profitble that in 1660 Charles the 2nd made Royal African Company to transfer humans they call black gold from Africa to America
  • New Law

    New Law
    Law Of hereditary slavery. A child born to a enslaved mother inherits her slave status.
  • First Slave Rebellion

    First Slave Rebellion
    The first slave rebellion in the colonies took place in Gloucester County Virginia
  • New Law

    New Law
    In 1667 Virginia declared baptism will not change slave status.
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Bacons Rebellion
    Black and black and white servants join together to participate in another Bacon Rebellion
  • Virginia Declares

    Virginia Declares
    They forbid blacks and slaves from bearing arms, congregating in large numbers and harsh punishment for slaves who assault Christians or tries to escape.
  • Virginia Declares

    Virginia Declares
    All imported blacks are slaves for life.
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