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    Slave states And its history

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    The "Missouri Compromise" was about having free and slaved states, Alabama and Missouri applied for state hood. when this happened Alabama was admitted as a free slaved state. That then made everything even with the same amount of slave states and free states.This being determined by the 36'30 line that was imaginary drawn. Missouri was found a problem because it was laid out on the Ohio river and since that was happening it was sppose to be a free state . That being said this became a problem.
  • The compromise of 1850

    The compromise of 1850
    Henry Clay came up with suggestion with a new compromise.This would be called "The compromise of 1850".This law would simply mean that California would be a free slaved state.They would also have to allow New Mexico and Utah territories to decide if they would want to allow the slave state or have it a free state. After this happened this outlawed the slave trade, in Washington D,.C maken this a stronger and important fugitive slave law
  • The Kansas & Nebraska act.

    The Kansas & Nebraska act.
    Stephan Douglas, the senator for Illiniose wated to build a railroad track to California. Since this was happining he then had to made the "Kansas -Nebraska" to have this even go threw.
    After a long debate about this ,The bill was then finally passed in 1854 created in the kansas and nebraska territories , causing the missori compromise to go and have settlers determine whether slavery would be alowed in this new territory.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    Bleeding Kansas was mainly about a group of settlers going and attacking Kansas.Burning down hotels looting homes and tossing print and press printers into the Kaw River.After this a guy named John Brown waited and plotted to get his pay back.2 days after the settlers raid,John Brown went and rounded up 7guys for his group.4of them being his son's and his son in law.They then went to the town of pottawatomie, Kansas .They then dragged out of there home 5guys that wanted slavory.then killed them.
  • Lincoln's election.

    Lincoln's election.
    On 1858 Lincoln stood on a stage an spoke about slavery. After 50 years the problem with slavery was becoming a problem and started to tear the nation apart. Then there was a discussion at a debate between Stephan A. Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.Stephan was the person who drafted the Kansas Nebraska act. Lincoln then lost his election his argument with Douglas also brought the moral issue of slavery into sharp focus. Compromises over slavery were becoming impossible.
  • John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

    John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry
    John was a guy who wanted to stop slavery rather then to wait for congress to take it into there own hands.Brown's plan was to capture the arsenal and use the weapons to arm slaves for a rebellion that would end slavery.after them going and killing people it was a failure. This was because 10 of him men were killed, including two of his sons. Even himself was injured.Brown himself was convicted of murder and sentenced to die.