Skillet History

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  • Band Starts

    Band Starts
    Band starts in Memphis,Tenessee after the Seraph Band broke up.
  • First Album Released

    First Album Released
    First album was released called "Hey I Love Your Soul".
  • Band Member Left

    Band Member Left
    Ken Steorts leaves Skillet for a different band.
  • Band Member Joins

    Band Member Joins
    Band member Kevin Haland joins and releases a new album called "Alien Youth".
  • Drummer Leaves

    Drummer Leaves
    Their first drummer Trey McClurkins leaves.
  • New Member

    New Member
    New member, Lori Peters, joins the band as new drummer
  • Band Member Left

    Band Member Left
    Kevin Haaland left the band
  • New Band Member

    New Band Member
    Ben Kasika joins the band
  • Album Release

    Album Release
    Most successful album realeased called "Camacose".
  • Comacose Comes Alive

     Comacose Comes Alive
    there first DVD/CD is released.
  • Still Performing

    Still Performing
    They are still performing and I'm going to go see them in concert.