Sixteen Feet Presents Toe Jam

  • Lang Music Building

    Sixteen Feet gathers in Lang Music Building for a final rehearsal before "Toe Jam"
  • Music directing Sixteen Feet

    Kenny Ning, Sixteen Feet's music director, goes over all the voice parts to the song "September" with the entire group
  • Singing a solo

    Chris Shae, a senior, and Jon Cronin, a sophomore, share a moment while Cronin sings the solo to "Septmeber" during the final rehearsal
  • Period: to

    Sixteen Feet's "Toe Jam"

  • Preparing for the show

    All Sixteen Feet members outline their feet with chalk on the board as they prepare for their friends and family to come to their spring show "Toe Jam"
  • Take a bow

    Sixteen Feet ends their concert successfully and takes a bow to an audience of over 100 people