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Sir Richard Grenville

  • Nov 13, 1574


    Richard Grenville suggested sailing through the Strait of Magellan. So they could circumnavigate the world. His proposal was refused but his idea was later taken up by Sir Francis Drake. This was important because circumnavigation was not done very much during that time.
  • Patent

    Walter Raleigh receives the patent to explore and settle North America.Richard Grenville commands Sir Walter Raleigh's fleet of seven vessels. If this wouldnt have happened Sir Richard wouldnt have led the vessels, and pillaged the Spainards vessel. Nor would they have been able to have settlements in the North Americas.
  • Roanoke

    June 1584: Richard Grenville and Ralph Lane, with 108 men, reach Roanoke Island. This is important because they were the first to find the new Island of Roanoke. So if this wouldnt have happened it most like would have slowed down the findings of new natural resources and land.
  • Lost Colony Found

    Lost Colony Found
    Sir Richard Grenville and three ships arrive at Roanoke in August to find the place deserted except for three men mistakenly left behind by Drake. The arrival of Sir Richard Grenville re-establishes the colony. This is important because the people that Sir Richard Grenville found on Roankoke island stranded, is known as the lost colony. (the first colony of U.S.)
  • Survival

    Sir Richard Grenville, acting as a Privateer, captures a Spanish ship and pillages the Azores on his return to England. If he wouldnt have invaded and conquered this ship he wouldnt have enough supplies to return home, and he would have died. Along with all of his crew members he had with him.