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Sir Isaac Newton - By Dylan Davis

  • Isaac Newton is Born!

    Isaac Newton is Born!
    While some records show his birth in 1642, most report a January birthday in 1643. This is because he was born premature and records didn't officially recognize his birth until later.
  • Toddler Abandoned!!!

    Toddler Abandoned!!!
    While probably not EXACTLY 3 years after his recorded birth, the book says three years after he was born, Isaac's mother, Hannah, left him with his grandparents. She did this to be with her new husband. Isaac's actual father died a few months before Isaac's birth.
  • King's Grammar School

    King's Grammar School
    He started attendance at King Edward's Grammar School and also in that time got a taste of chemistry by working in a druggist's workshop.
  • Cambridge University

    Cambridge University
    Isaac Newton went to Trinity College at Cambridge University. His now weathy mom didn't want to pay for it, so his uncle stepped up and convinced her to let him go.
  • Apple Falls on His Head!!!

    Apple Falls on His Head!!!
    An apple falls on Newton's head when he is sleeping under an apple tree. He wondered why things always fell down, and that got him interested in studying gravity and motion.
  • Hooke Makes Newton Mad

    Hooke Makes Newton Mad
    A man named Robert Hooke criticized Newton strongly because he disagreed about what Newton found out about elliptical orbits in the galaxy. This made Newton angry.
  • Calculus Fight

    Calculus Fight
    A man named John Leibniz and Isaac study calculus at the same time ,and Isaac officially "invented" it first ,but Leibniz published his work first.
  • Study Of the Moon

    Study Of the Moon
    Isaac pays a visit to head astronomer John Flamsteed to gather information about the moon, his latest craze.
  • Principia

    This was the year he wrote his most famous book, Principia. This book was written about his three laws of motion, which was cited for being the greatest science book of all time.
  • His Only Friend

    His Only Friend
    After publishing his book, he became a celebrity and met a man named Fatio, who became good friends with Newton and may have been the only friend Isaac ever had.
  • Alchemy Obsession

    Alchemy Obsession
    Newton becomes obsessed with alchemy and the process a substance goes through when it changes into another substance. When scientists evaluated his body, they found that his hair contained mercury levels that were through the roof, probobly the result of all his exposure to it while conducting alchemy experiments.
  • Getting Knighted

    Getting Knighted
    While the book did not mention this, I thought it was important to know that Isaac Newton, recognized for his scientific contributions, was knighted by Queen Anne, making him Sir Isaac Newton
  • Old, But Still Bright

    Old, But Still Bright
    As an old man, he blew bubbles to study how gravity affects bigger or smaller and heavier or lighter things. Some of the things he discovered as an elderly man effect us and how we interpret things today. Later that year he died.
  • Impact

    After Newton's death, his name spread throughout the world and he soon had many admirerers who idolized him. His discovery of the three laws of motion are extremely important to science today. People would have not created rockets, remote control toys, or even bowling! Without Newton, where would we be?!