• Jamestown founded

    Jamestown, VA, was the first successful English settlement. Named after king James I of England.
  • landing in plymouth

    Pilgrims left from England hoping to gain land and religious freedom and arrived on Plymouth. They sailed on the Mayflower ship.
  • Era of good feelings with the Indians

    A period of over 100 years of peace and growth with the indians and settlers
  • Pilgrims signed Mayflower Compact

    First governing document all pilgrims of the Mayflower had to sign.
  • John Locke writes the constitution for the Carolina Colony

    Liberal and Feudalist ideas spanning concepts of religious freedom and slavery etc..
  • Sugar Act

    the first tax passed by Great Brittain to the colonists on molases holding back rum production. This was to help Brittain as they were in debt from war with the French
  • End of Era of good feeling

    the peace with the colonists and indians ended at the start of the French and Indian war. Indians sided with the French during the war.
  • French and Indin war

    War between Great Brittan and French involving the Indians siding with the French. Was known as Seven Years War.
  • The Albany Congress proposes that the colonies unite

    the 1st attempt to unite the nations. It was proposed by Benjamin Franklin.
  • the quartering act

    An act passed by Great Brittain that forced colonists to house Brittish soldiers. It enraged the colonists.
  • townshend act

    A series of acts passed by Great Brittain. It was to punish New York for not following the quartering act. Eventually ended up as the Boston massacre.
  • Boston massacre

    Brittish army soldiers killed 5 colonists due to a riot. It also was used as propaganda to move colonists against Brittain.
  • Boston tea party

    Brittain closed the Boston Harbour as punishment for the "boston massacre". The colonists rebelled by tossing thousands of pounds of tea into the ocean
  • Intolerable act

    Also known as the Coercive act. A series of laws passed by Great Brittain that led to the Boston Tea Party.
  • first continental congress

    A convention of delagates that met in Philidalphia. It was called in response to the intolerable acts.
  • Lexington and Concord

    The first fight that took place in the revolutionary war. They fought in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay near Boston.
  • start of revolutionary war

    War between the colonists and Great Brittain. The French sided with the colonists. American colonies later became free independant states.
  • Declaration of independence

    A statement from the continental congress announcing the colonies as 13 independant colonies
  • List of greivances

    The middle section of the declaration. It was the colonists complaints aganst King George III