Silk and spice trade- Cruz Palomino

  • 410

    The Visigoth King and his pepper trade

    Visigoth demanded 1,500kg of pepper
  • Feb 1, 1271

    The Mongolian Ruler established a Chinese Dynasty

    The Silk road was reinstated its vigor and gained more people.
  • Jan 31, 1298

    Marco Polo finds where the spices are kept

    Marco Polo found out where the spices were kept for trades. 1298 A.C.E
  • Jan 31, 1492

    Coloumbus set sail to Mexico

    Colombus had set sail to Mexico and found a lot of spices/allspices. 1492 A.C.E
  • The Arabs Monopoly Trade

    The Arabs would guard the secret place where they keep the spices. 950-1600
  • Zhang Qian traveled to the Western Regions

    Zhan united Wusun Against the Hun, this was around the time that the Silk road originated.
  • Xuanzang was the greatest monk departed Indi along with the Silk road.

    The monk Xuanzang set sail to the Silk road to study the Indian Sutras.
  • Ban Chao protected the silk road from the rebellions

    Ban Chao had to protect the silk road from rebellions coming from the Western Regions.