Silence of the lambs by thomas harris 367 pages

  • pgs 1-66

    Clarice starling is assignged to go try and get hannibal lector to give himself a phyc evaluation while convinceing him to help her and the fbi capture another serial killer. lector gives clarice a random clue that leads her to a severed head and convinces a man to swallow his own tougne
  • pgs 66-206

    clarice continues to talk to hanibal lector and she finds a severed head in a car of one of the victims that hanibal killed. clarice does a autopsy on one of the bufallo bill victims and hanibla give then more clues in return for information on clarices personal life
    catherine baker martin is abducted by buffalo bill and we are introduced to bill aka jame gumb
  • pgs 206-367

    the fbi closes in on jame gumb and hanibal escapes killing 5 people in the procces. the reader finds out more about jame gumb and just how crazy he is. clarice then confronts gumb and kills him in self defence. then the lambs stop screaming