Should health care workers be required to get annual flu shots?

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    History of flu shots for health care workers

  • State Requires flu vacination for caregivers

    "State Health Department required tens of tousands of health care workers in New York to be vaccinated for the flu" (Hartocollis, 2009).
  • Plans Proceed for mandatory flu shots, Iowa City

    "Seasonal flu shots are required this year for all faculty, staff, volunteers, vednors and contractors for UI hospitals and clinics, Carver College of Medicine and UI physicians. They are using threats of termination to achieve higher levels of participation"(2009, Hadish).
  • New York Nurses Rally Agianst mandatory swine flu vaccination

    "Healthcare workers rally in the state capitol, Albany, to protest a state regulation that mandates they be vaccinated for the swine flu or lose their jobs. The New York STate Nurses Association supports opposition to manditory vaccination"(Ricks, 2009).
  • America Takes on the Swine Flu

    "America distributes vaccinations for the swine flu. Health care workers are slow to accept that they need the vaccine"(Editors, 2009).
  • Rulings End Mandatory Flu Shots

    Taking place in Iowa City. "The hospital's manditory flu vaccination program will be ending after rulings in favor of two unions. The program violated the collective bargaining agreement between the hospital and Servic Employees International Union local 199"(Hadish, 2009).
  • CAMC recognized for mandatory flu vaccine program

    Charleston, West Virginia - "The West Virginia Immunization Network gave CAMC a "Hot Shot Award", to recognize the group for their efforts to increase immunizations in the community's"(Gregory, 2010).
  • Pediatricians Mandate Flu Shots

    "The American Academy of Pediatris planned to call for all health workers to get flu vaccinations, saying unvaccinated doctors, nurses and other medical staffers pose a threat to patients"(USA Today, p. 01a, 2010).
  • Hospital employees must get their flu shots or face firing

    In the state of Wyoming. "All Cheyenne Regional Medical Center employees must now get flu shots or exemptions. The hospital will allow exemptions for religious and medical reasons" (Orr, 2011).
  • Rhode Island Requires Flu Shots

    "Rhode Island health care workers will be required to get flu shots under a new policy. Employees with documentation can refuse, but will be required to wear masks" (Niedowski, 2012).
  • UW Health requires flu shots

    "UW Health employees will be put on unpaid leave if they don't get vaccinated by Dec. 1 or submit a religious waiver or medical waiver signed by a doctor. Workers who don't comply after 45 days could be fired" (Wahlberg, 2012).