Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater

By huhan
  • Exposition

    In the novel Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, she introduces us to the main characters: Sam Roth, Grace Brisbane, Olivia Marx, Jack Culpeper, Isabel Culpeper and Beck. The setting took place at Grace's house, Beck's house, the school, and the Woods of Mercy Falls. In the first few chapters Maggie tells her readers how Sam and Grace met and how she watches Sam during the winter and spends time with him during the warmer conditions until Sam was shot.
  • Conflict

    Sam saved her life when she was mauled by the wolves. Since then Grace has been watching the wolf especailly the yellow-eyed one. Now, Grace has to keep Sam's secret safe. Staying together to keep Sam warm so that he can still be a human being instead of turning into a wolf. Grace would do anything to keep Sam by her side even if she has to hide him in her room to keep him safe from her parents.
  • Rising Action

    On a cool day a boy named Jack Culpeper vanished in the town of Mercy Falls. Everyone thought it was the wolves out in the woods that had taken Jack, so his father set up a hunting party to hunt the wolf pack down. When Sam gets shot by a hunter, he becomes human when Grace helped him. Soon to be they fall madly in love with each other.
  • Turning Point

    Olivia and Isabelle eventually found out about the wolves that Grace has been hiding. Olivia then gets bitten by Jack Culpeper because he knew that Grace would tell him what the cure will be because Grace didn't change when she was bitten. Jack and Sam gets into a fight because of Grace and Jack locks Sam up in one of the Culpeper's shed. The cold forces Sam to change back in to his wolf form.
  • Falling Action

    Grace remenbers when her dad left her in the car with the scorching heat where she almost died and she thought that they could use heat to kill the inner wolf like a fever. While Grace and Beck tries to find a cure for Sam, Olivia, and Jack; Isabelle stole blood samples from her mom's clinic that is with meningitis. Olivia was to scared of the needles so she changed into a wolf for the winter, Jack took the needle but didn't survive and as for Sam he disapears with no trace.
  • Resolution

    At the end of the book Grace thought that Sam would never come back. But Sam still stood out in the woods watching her in silent like a ghost. Grace thought that maybe the colder months would have nothing, not even Sam. But she was wrong, sam came back.
    ".... My feet, my hands, my fingers, the shape of my shoulders beneath my jacket, my human body, but she only stared at my eyes." Page 390.