Shirley Jackson, The Lottery

  • Exposition

    This story is introduced on a nice summer morning with the children stuffing their pockets with rocks while the community gathers for the annual event.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    Once the villagers have all gathered, Mr. Summers prepared the black box so the families could draw a slip of paper.
  • Climax

    After everyone drew a paper from the box, there was tension in the crowd wondering who got the winning ticket. It was discovered that Bill Hutchinson drew the serial ticket. Bill Hutchinson claimed it wasn't fair and people would all draw again
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    Mr. Graves, Nancy, Bill, and Jr. opened their slips of paper laughing knowing they were blank. Evidently Tessie drew the winning Lottery ticket.
  • Resolution

    The village all gathered following tradition throwing stones at Tessie Hutchinson in which she dies. This tradition is easily viewed as brutally fateful.