Shinedown Tour

By jc1
  • When it all started.

    When it all started.
    The band Shinedown was formed by Brent Smith, Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd, and Barry Kerch.
  • Claim to Fame.

    Claim to Fame.
    Shinedown is famous for the first hit single 'Fly From the Inside'.
  • First concert.

    First concert.
    Shinedown's first concert was in Pittsburg, PA at the Metropool.
  • First CD album release.

    First CD album release.
    The CD album titled Leave a Whisper was the first album to be released by the band.
  • Billboard Music Awards.

    Billboard Music Awards.
    In 2006 Shinedown was nominated for the Billboard Music Award twice, once for Modern Rock Artist of the Year, and once for Rock Artist of the Year.
  • We hit the top of the charts.

    We hit the top of the charts.
    The song "Second Chance" featured on the albuThe Sounf of Madness brought the band to the top of the charts.
  • Video Premiere.

    Video Premiere.
    Shinedown released their musice video to 'If You Only Knew'.
  • Music video.

    Music video.
    Shinedown created a debut music video to their hit song 'Crow and the Butterfly'.
  • Amaryllis.

    Release of their new hit song Amaryllis.
  • Most recent concert.

    Most recent concert.
    The most recent concert the band played was in Farog, ND at the Fargodome.