Shine, Lauren Myracle, Fiction, 350

  • 0-50

    Intro to characters
    Patrick- gay, nice, funny, smart, Cat's friend
    Christian- Cat's brother, nice funny
    Beef- big, strong, nice, Cat's friend
    Tommy- Cat is scared of him, Christian's friend, cute
    Dupree- does drugs, Cat's friend
    Mama Sweetie- Patrick's grandma, dead
    Aunt Tildy- nice, Cat's aunt (mom died)
    Daddy- drunk, lives in garage by the house
  • 50-100

    Patrick is found at his work come and go gas station in a coma. He had been hit in the head with a baseball bat and a gasoline pipe down his throat. He had in blood written on him something very rude about being a "fag". Cat goes to the library to look up brain dammage and meets a new enemy. A college student cussing out the computer called her a very mean name.
  • 100-150

    Everyone seems to have an alabai for that night. The police don't want to do anything about it because he is gay. She goes to the hospital to see Patrick when coincidentally the guy from the library is there. It turns out that he was friends with Patrick and was looking up things for Patrick at the library also.
  • 150-200

    Cat finds out the Beef is doing meth. Goes to talk to the dealer but her brohter follows her and stops her. She findsout that the night that the trajedy happened with Patrick they had an interevention by suicide rock to get Beef to stop doing meth, they find out he didn't have an alabai of where he was, just taking people home.
  • 200-250

    Cat was molested by Tommy when she was 13 years old. Her brother saw it and didn't do anything to save her. That is why she hates Tommy and doesn't understand why her brother is protective of evrrything but couldn't help her.
  • 250-300

    Cat finds a cow tongue on her pillow with a note that says if you continue to run your tongue ill cut yours off too. She calls Jason (the guy from the library) and they go to the place where they think Patrick's boyfriend works. They put the pieces together to find out his boyfriend is Beef.
  • 300-350

    Beef takes Robert up to suicide rock and tries to push him off but Cat saves him and pushes him into the water. Beef starts shooting at him and Christian takes the gun but Beef falls backward and dies. Patrick wakes up to Cat and Jason in the hospital. Everything ends well.