Shawshank Redemption

  • Period: to


  • Red came to Shawshank

  • Andy discovers his wifes affair

  • Andy's case at Portland Superior Cort started

  • Andy was found guilty

  • Andy came to shawshank

  • Andy buys rockhammer

  • First attempt of the rape of Andy

  • Andy asks for rock blankets

  • Andy buys Rita Hayworth poster

  • They stopped trying to rape Andy

  • Andy started his tax avoidance business

  • Andy got a false identity

  • Norman was appointed as Warden

  • Andy got his first check to fund his library

  • Andy got more money for his library

  • Andy found out about his wifes killer

    Even though Andy had found his wifes killer the warden Samuel Norton didn't do anything about it as he was using him to avoid taxes.
  • Bobby Cote dies

    his money collection were never found
  • Buys new rockhammer

  • The amount of money donated to the library had risen

  • Andy escapes

  • Red got a post card from McNary Texas (Andy)

  • Red wrote everything down