seven phases of the slave trade

Timeline created by malik waters
  • phase one

    the europeans needed servents. they didnt have any so they went to slaves. they found people in africa that are not effected by diesaseand knew how to farm. it took them 2-4 months.
  • Period: to

    travel to africa

    they are going to africa to find slaves
  • Period: to

    travel to africa

    they traveld to africa in seach for some slaves.
  • Period: to

    africans in priso

  • Period: to

    the loading

  • Period: to


  • initital capture

    they landed on africa. they traded guns for people . other africans set out and got there own people.
  • hold ing prisoners

    after catuching the slaves and bringing them back they hold them in prison. the stayed there until they were ready to be sold. if they wernt sold hey stayed or died.
  • loading

    they took small groups of slaves everyday. they then loaded slaves on ships. they then went down the cost and got more.
  • alantic passage

    they would get forced on to the ship. then they would take a long trip pilled up shoulder to shoulder. it took 1-2 months
  • inital landing and enslavedment

    the slaves were than tried resistance to be free.
  • reflection to other west alntic sites

    they went to europe and where slaves until they died or gained there freedome. they would to differnt people in difernt colonies.