Seven Phases of the Slave Trade

  • Travel from European Contry to Africa

    Europeans traveled to Africa. They traded goods and other things for people. This was the start of the enslavement.
  • Period: to

    Europeans enslaving Africans

    Between these four months eveyrthing got worst. The Europeans enslaved many more Africans and were mistreating them.
  • Initial Capture

    Africans began to fight each other because of the Europeans. They forced labor. If the Africans didnt't do what they said theyw ould get whipped.
  • Period: to


    The Europeans took different measures to capture the Africans. When the caught them the Africans would have to do forced labor.
  • Torturing the Africans

    The Europeans came up with different ways to punish the Africans. They built holding prisons, open air dungeons and many other torture cells. Those punishements tended to make the Africans learn their lesson.
  • Period: to

    Holding prisons until travel

    Many Africans were getting taking out of prisions to be traded or sold to Americans. Small groups per day were loaded on to ships.
  • Period: to

    Trading and Traveling on Ships.

    They continued to load small groups of people on to the ships per day. Doing that per day than added up to 500 Africans on one ship at a time. The start of the Atlantic passage.
  • The Loading of the ships

    Small groups of Africans were loaded on to ships per day.The ship would travel down the African coast. To gather prisoners, provisions and to trade items.
  • Atlantic Passage

    The Atlantic Passage had 500 Africans on one ships. Their living conditions were horrible. All of the Africans were all on top of each other , they hardly never ate or got to get some water. Many dieases were spreading around.
  • Period: to

    Horrible Conditions for the Africans

    They africans were very sick. Were getting treated mistreated and some died from malnutrition.
  • Landing and Enslavement process

    When the Africans finally landed in American. The slavery really began. The african were really treated horrible.
  • Period: to

    Landing and Enslavement

    Over the years the enslavement of Africans got wor
  • Relocating

    The Africans began to relocate toother West Atlantic Sites. This consists of more trading and a lot of traveling. It was the orientation to labor to other European countries and colonies.