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Serpent and the Rainbow, Song Production and Market Plan

  • Song Preproduction

    Create a tempo map and record scratch tracks of the guitars. (Scratch guitar tracks act as a timing reference for the drummer while tracking.)
  • Period: to

    Timeline for our April release

  • Prepare Protools session and mics for drum tracking

    Create and properly route tracks in Protools, Set up mics on their stands and properly position them
  • Track Drums

  • Remap drums to MIDI/ Drum sampler

    Recreate the drums into a MIDI map to use with SSD (Steven Slate Drum sampler.)
    Typically takes about 4 to 5 hours.
  • Track guitars

    Track guitars for left and right channels.
    Track additional Lead parts, and delayed guitars. (Usually give myself 2 days per a song, typically ranging from 5 to 15 hours of tracking, always varies.)
  • Edit/Time align the guitars

    I time align the guitars to make them sound perfectly synchronized with one another and the drums. (I always do this before bass tracking, to ensure the bassist is referencing a properly timed source.) Takes me 2-3 days typically (12- 25 hrs). This is usually a longer process for me, because of the genre I'm producing, the guitar parts are often technical.
  • Track Bass

    Track Bass Guitar (2-4 Hours)
  • Edit/ time align Bass guitar

    Time align bass guitar so its in sync with the drum and other guitars. 1 day (3-4hours)
  • Create synth/ Texture Sections

    Create synth leads on prechorus and chorus.
    Create an eerie ambience for the beginning of the song 2 days, (5-10 hours)
  • Write Vocals

    This process I save till towards the end usually, it involves composing and defining both the story, lyrics and melodies of the vocal content. Since it is a creative process I allow myself atleast 4 to 5 days to write.
    However this particular song, I am essentially rerecording and producing as I wrote most of it previously, including most of the vocal content. Therefor I will likely have all the vocals written within 2 days.
  • Track/edit vocals

    This includes me tracking both my vocals and our singer Anthonys vocals.
    Usually about a 3 day process. (6-8 Hours)
    However by working in 2 hour blocks, I can edit the recorded material each day, overall saving me about 2 days of editing.
  • Create session for Mix

    This involves Printing down and compiling the edited material minimally into one session, to prepare for mixing.
  • Mix the Song!

    This step essentially involves the manipulation of audio frequencies and dynamics to seamlessly blend recorded material into an illusion of unity. (Usually takes 2 to 3 days), as its much like painting, never finished just settled upon.
  • Prepare stems for Mastering

    This involves printing down basic components of a mix, for control during mastering. Example, Print the drums alone, guitars alone, synths alone ect. (1-2 hours)
  • Master the song

    This involves raising the average level of song to commercial volume and preparing it for distribution. about 1 day (10 Hours)
  • Submit song to TuneCore for distribution

    Upload song to my Tunecore account, pay 10 dollar fee, and choose release date of April 5th. This allows my song to be sold through iTunes, Spotify, amazon and about 12 other distributors.
  • Advertise on Facebook

    Advertise a new release for Friday April 5th, 2013. Possibly post a promotional clip of the song.
  • Create Lyic Video to new release

    Look for Full Sail student to create a professional lyric video with Adobe After Effects for the new song.
  • Release the new song!!

    Release, advertise on all social media pages.