Senthil Sakthivel's Hero Project

  • Example Interview: Kristi Quillen

    Example Interview: Kristi Quillen
    Today, we watched an example interview with Peace Crops Volunteer, Kristi Quillen. She had given up everything to contribute to a more needy community. Kristi's selflessness shows how heroes do more than just save lives.
  • Going to the Library

    Going to the Library
    Today, I went to the library in search for someone to do the biography on. I thought very deeply on who I would look up to as a hero. I wondered who had the same interests as me.
  • Library again

    Library again
    Today, I went to the library again in search for a hero. I narrowed done my list of choices to Newton, Da Vinci, Chris Gardener, or Sachin. I analyzied each person and tried to pick the best hero.
  • Hero choosen!

    Hero choosen!
    Today, I made my final decision on who mt hero would be. After several attempts, I chose Leonardo Da Vinci. I thought that he was my hero becuase of similarity in interest and characteristics.
    I think that I would enjoy reading about him.
  • "Change the World" powerpoint

    "Change the World" powerpoint
    Today in class, we went through this powerpoint about characteristics of a hero. We looked at several examples of heros. I learned more about the charcteristics of a hero. This powerpoint made me create deeper connections with Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • First Blog!

    First Blog!
    Today, I wrote my first blog about how I chose my subject. I skimmed through the biography to get a simple understanding about Da Vinci's life.
  • Reading

    Today, I spent several hours reading through the biography on Leonardo Da Vinci. The book was boring in the beginning, but after sometime I gained interest in it.
  • Continuing Reading

    Continuing Reading
    Today, I was continuing my reading of the biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci's life was very different from most people. He was in his own little world most of the time, thinking about how he could create.
  • 2nd Blog Post !

    2nd Blog Post !
    Today, I post my second blog entree. I talked about Heros in Literature. We had to think of someone who was my hero when I was young, compare the hero of my youth to my hero now, and relate my hero to recently read literature.
  • Finishing up reading

    Finishing up reading
    Today, I finished reading my biography. I learned many good and bad things about Leonardo Da Vinci. As I read the book, I was more motivated to do better in my studies to. I think that this biography has impacted my view of the world a little bit. I recommend this book to anyone that has an interest in people like Leonardo Da VInci.
  • Looking for Person to Interview

    Looking for Person to Interview
    Today, I went on a search for someone to interview. I still have not found anyone. But, I have a clue of which kind of person to look for. I prefer to interview someone who has a great interest in science and engineering.
  • Begun working on essay!

    Begun working on essay!
    Today, I started to think about what to write for my final hero's journey essay. I think that this essay would be hard to write because Da Vinci had a very complicated life and is difficult to understand.
  • Working on timetoast!

    Working on timetoast!
    Today, I am working on the final touches of my TImetoast timeline. I rereading all of my posts and reviewing what I done.