Selangor since 2008

By iamjack
  • Pakatan Rakyat beats Barisan National for Selangor.

  • Selangor government provides free water.

    20 cubic metres of free treated water was supplied to domestic users.
  • Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor (TAWAS) launched on this day.

    Selangor state government will give an acoount worth RM100.00 to all applicants. When the applicants reach the age of 18, they stand a chance to be awarded an account worth RM1,500.00 as an investment to the bank.
  • Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE) launched.

    A scheme specifically designed to safeguard the welfare of the people Selangor tohelp families senior citizens / disabled persons regardless of gender, race, religion, political belief, economic status and social status
  • Microcredit schemes Selangor (SkimSel) was established.

    Established to reduce household poverty, especially in rural areas.
  • MimBar (Skim Mikrokredit Miskin Bandar) was launched.

    To aid workers by providing welfare assistance.