Secrets francine pascal 118

  • 1-26 total pages read 26

    The hishschools most popular boy Ken matthews is getting tutored form the frnch teacher ms. Dalton. The school has a rumor going around that they like eachother.
  • 26-46 total pages read 20

    elizabeths best friend Enid thinks her boy friend ronnie is going o break up with her. But it turns out he just couldnt go to the dance with her. They get in a fight because ronnie believes that ms. Dalon is having an affair with ken matthews but enid doesnt believe it.
  • 46-61 total pages read 15

    Enid tells elizabeth about her past. She was a druggie and so was her then boyfriend they got in a car crash an hit a little boy. Geoge is his name but they still keep in touch by letters jessica found a letter and told ronnie about it enid thinks elizabeth told him.
  • 61-69 total pages read 8

    While in french class a student put up a sign for ms. Dalton that said if you dont know what a french kiss is ask ken matthews. Enid hates elizabeth and elizabeth knows that jessica gave her that letter.
  • 69-83 total pages read 14

    Todd and elizabeth are still dating and elizabeth is angry at jessic for ruining her friendship wiht enid though she hasnt confronted jessica about it she has a plan to get her back.
  • 83-100 total pages read 17

    It is night of the prom jessica is going with ronnie and elizabeth is going with todd. They see enid with george who came to visit her and they both look amazing.
  • 100-118 toltal pages read 18

    Jessica only asked ronnie to the dance because he was head of the dance commitee so he could make a lot of votes so she could be prom queen and she knew that bruce pattman the guy she loves is going to be king
  • end of 2nd book total pages read in the book 118

    jessica got nominated for prom queen bu elizabeth made sure the king was someone jessica never wanted to be seen with which was winston. While slowly and sadly going up elizabeth told the photagrapher to make the two kiss. When jessica opened her eyes she saw bruce pattmen staring at her with invitation in his eyes.