Second World War

Timeline created by Fátima Portillo
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  • Seizure in Manchuria

    Japanese military units seized Manchuria, China
  • Non-aggression pact

    Hitler negotiated a nonaggression pact with Stalin
  • Western Appeasement

    Conference of Munich in which Hitler demanded the cession of Sudetenland, Czechozlovakia . British, French, Germans and Italians reached an agreement
    that met all Hitler's demands
  • Italy invaded Albania

  • German Invasion

    German forces invaded Poland; two days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • War at Europe

    Hitler focused the attacks to Denmark, Norway, and then over Netherlands, Belgium and France.
  • Offensive against British air forces

    The German air force launched a major offensive against British air and naval bases
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japanese aircraft attacked U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Island
  • Southeast Asia invasion

    Almost all of Southeast Asia and much of western Pacific had fallen into Japanese hands
  • End of the Great War

    German commanders surrendered. The war in Europe was officially over.
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    Main causes of World War 2

    Adolph Hitler believed that the Aryan race was superior, and they were the only ones capable of building a great civilization.
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    Turning point of the war

    Hitler decided declared war on the U.S. British and American invaded North America and make German and Italy to surrender there.
    D-Day, they landed five assault divisions