Seattle's Urban Planning

  • Seattle's Underground is Cllosed

    Seattle's Underground is Cllosed
    In the 19th Century Seattle burned (or 31 blocks of it). It was rebuilt not only in stone or brick, but between 12 and 30 feet higher (to avoid complications of being so low near the Puget sound (which has a tide). The result was the formation of an underground network of streets and shops that people continued to use. in 1907 these were closed down for fear of the Plague, and left to neglect and abandon. Instead of a thriving place, free of cars, they became a place for opium dens, brothels ect
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    Metro Cleans of Lake Washington

    Metro was founded to clean up Lake Washington, where (in 1958) 14 towns and cities in King County discharged 20 million gallons of inadequately treated sewage into Lake Washington every day. The pollution worsened, until Metro eventually suceeded in not only reversing the damage (in terms of clearness of the water) but in improving upon it. The result is a water space that the community is proud of and can spend time in. The lake serves as a large public park, with people spending time on& in it
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    Seattle's World Fair

    Seattle Hosted the World Fair in 1962. Some peolpe have credited this even with a cultural rejuvination of Seattle. While almost half of the structures put up for the fair were taken down afterwards, many of the buildings remain as important cultural centers, such as Key Arena (the sports and convention center), the Seattle's Children Theatre, the Repitory Theatre, the Science Center, the Space Needel, and the monarail. The theme was 21 Century Exposition, influenced by the cold war