Seattle General Strike

  • Seattle Founded

    Seattle becomes a town.
  • AFL

    The AFL is formed.
  • IWW

    The IWW is formed.
  • Period: to


  • Everett Massacre

    IWW members from Seattle clash with Everett residents, causing the Everett Massacre.
  • U.S. in WWI

    The U.S. enters the First World War.
  • WWI ends

    The Great War ends.
  • Shipyard Strike

    Shipyard Strike occurs

    Anna Louise Strong proclaims "We are undertaking the most tremendous move ever made by LABOR in this country, a move that will lead--NO ONE KNOWS WHERE!"(Young, 4).
  • General Strike Starts

    Seattle General Strike starts
  • General Strike Ends

    The Seattle General Strike Ends.