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  • Charles Howard arrives in San Fransico

  • George Woolf is born

  • John "Red" Pollard is born

  • Charles and Marcela are married

  • Seabiscuit is born

  • Seabiscuit loses his 17th consecutive race

  • Seabiscuit wins race at Saratoga

    The Howards see Seabiscuit race and Smith looks the horse over and tells them to buy Seabiscuit.
  • Smith parts with Seabiscuit

    Smith first sees seabiscuit Massachusetts and he recognizes something special about the horse
  • Smith meets Pollard in Detroit

    Tom Smith sees that Red and Seabiscuit are compatable.
  • Seabiscuit achieves his first big win

    Seabiscuit wins the Govenor Handicap
  • Seabiscuit wins World's Fair Handicap

    Seabiscuit wins easily, he came down the stretch alone.
  • First try at San Anita Handicap

    Seabiscuit loses by a nose to Rosemont
  • Seabiscuit cruises new track record

    Happends in the Bay Medows Handicap
  • Second try at San Anita Handicap

    George Woolf rides Seabiscuit for Pollard who was recuperating from his fall, he loses to Stagehand in a Photo Finish.
  • Pollard legs gets crushed

    Red agrees to work a friends horse, Modern Youth, the horse gets spooked and runs into a barn and crushed Pollards leg.
  • Seabiscuit beats War Admiral

  • Injury

    Seabiscuit injures his suspensory ligament
  • Seaiscuit finished 4th in San Carlos

  • Seabisuit wins the San Antonio Handicap

  • Seabiscuit retires

  • George Woolf dies

    He dies in a racing accident in Santa Anita.
  • Seabiscuit dies

  • Tom Smith dies

  • Red Pollard dies