Scotty McCreery

  • Birth Date.

    Birth Date.
    Scotty was born. Important because who would girls obbsess over if Scotty wasnt born?
  • Guitar

    Scotty started playing the guitar. It is important because this is when his music ability really started showing.
  • American Idol

    American Idol
    Scotty McCreery auditioned for American Idol. He would be nothing if he didnt audition for American Idol.
  • Wins American Idol

    Wins American Idol
    Scotty McCreery wins American idol. Important because now this has made him famous.
  • First Single!

    First Single!
    Scotty McCreerys "I Love You This Big" Won top single on the CMA charts. Important because he is the youngest in country music to send a single off to the cfhartes and chart in the # 1 spot in the first week.