Scottsboro Boys Timeline

  • A Stopped Train

    A posse stops the train with all nine negro boys onboard, All of the boys are accused of rape by Ruby Bates and Victoria Price and arrested.
  • Period: to

    Arrest to Verdict

  • Lynch Mob

    A Lynch mob of over 100 people attempts the lynch the boys in the Scottsboro Jail.
  • First Verdict

    Eight of the nine boys are tried and convicted to death, while the other boy's trial results in a mistrial.
  • Support From Outside

    The NAACP fights inorder to be able to represent and defend the Scottsboro Boys in court.
  • Help Abandons

    NAACP leave the boys to defend themselves.
  • New Evidence

    In a letter Ruby Bates denies that she was ever raped by any of the boys.
  • Higher Power

    The United States Supreme Court reviews the case.
  • Strong Lawyer

    Samuel S. Leibowitz, a strong lawyer, defends the Scottsboro Boys. This is arranged by the ILD.
  • First Death

    Hayward Patterson is convicted guilty and senteced to death by electric chair.
  • March for the Scottsborro Boys

    Thousands of people march on Washington to protest the trials in Alabama.
  • Lawyers Convicted

    Two lawyers are accused with trying to bribe Victoria Price to say she was not raped.
  • Defense Commitee

    The Scottsboro Defense Commitee is brought together.
  • Continuous Conviction

    Hayward Patterson is convicted for the fourth time with raped and given 75 years of jail time.
  • Second Death

    Ozzie Powell, one of the boys, was shot in the head by a sheriff for attacking another sheriff.
  • Future Ahead

    In the road ahead most of the boys are paroled or sentenced to jail time, but none of their lifes will ever be the same.