Scottsboro Boys

  • Accused

    Victoria Price and Ruby Bates were on a train and claimed that nine boys raped them on the train.
  • First Trial

    The nine scottsboro boys attended thier first trial.
  • Ruby Bates

    Ruby bates admitts she was not raped on the train by the nine boys.
  • Samuel Leibowitz

    Samuel Leibowitz defends the Scottsboro boys in a new trial.
  • Supreme Court

    The Alabama Supreme Court upholds seven of the eight convictions made.
  • Haywood Patterson

    Haywood Patternson is found gulity in the seconf trial for the scottsboro boys rape.
  • Postponed

    The trials of the other eight Scottsboro boys are postponed because of dangerously high local tensions
  • Protest

    Thousands of people prtested against Alabama trials.
  • Judge Horton

    Judge Horton grants Haywood Patterson another trial.
  • Overturned

    US Supreme Court overturn Haywood Patterson and Clarence Norris conviction because there were no black people on the jury.
  • 75 years in prison

    Haywood Patterson was convicted for a fourth time but is sentenced 75 years, this is the first time a black man is charged with rape and was not given death.
  • Ozie Powell

    Ozie Powell was shot in the head and will suffer brain damage, after fighting with two cops.
  • Clarence Norris

    Clarence Norris is convicted of rape and sentenced to death, his sentence is later changeed to life in jail.
  • Charlie Weems

    Charlie Weems is given the sentences of 105 years in prison after being convicted of rape.
  • Charges Dropped

    Four of the nine boys who were convicted of rape: Willie Roberson, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams,,and Roy Wright; were given no prison time and pleaded innocent.