Scientific Method

  • Jun 28, 1021

    Experimental Methods Introduced

    Alhazen introduces these methods in his "Book of Optics"
  • Apr 12, 1025

    Experimental method for Mineralology and Mechanics

    Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī develops experimental methods for mineralology and and mechanics.
  • Jul 21, 1265

    Roger Bacon

    Roger Bacon discovers the observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and need for verification.
  • Apr 13, 1403

    Yongle Encyclopedia

    Yongle Encyclopedia, the first collaborative encyclopedia
  • Microscope

    The first microscope was invented in the Netherlands
  • Labratory

    First dedicated lab
  • Scientific Method

    First scientific method is invented by René Descartes
  • Peer Review

    Peer review is made
  • Randomized Design

    Randomized Design is popularized by Ronald Fisher
  • Computer Simulation

    First computer simulation
  • Adam

    Adam, the first robot scientist, is invented.
  • iPhone 1 released

    The first generation iPhone is released. Inevented by Steve Jobs.