Science Poster timeline

By shicken
  • Air Bags

    Air Bags
    Linderer's airbag was based on a compressed air system, either released by bumper contact or by the driver. Later research during the 1960s proved that compressed air could not blow Linderer's airbag up fast enough for maximum safety
  • Seat Belt

    Seat Belt
    In the early 1950s, Dr. Shelden had made a major contribution to the automotive industry with his idea of retractable seat belts. This came about greatly in part from the high number of head injuries coming through the emergency rooms. He investigated the early seat belts whose primitive designs were implicated in these injuries and deaths.
  • ABS _Anti- Lock Braking System

    ABS _Anti- Lock Braking System
    First mechanical anti-lock brakes based on aircraft technology, introduced on the Jensen FF, a hand-built luxury sports car.
  • Traction Control

    In 1971, the Buick division of GM introduced MaxTrac, which used an early computer system to detect rear wheel spin and modulate engine power to those wheels to provide the most traction
  • 5 Star safety Rating

    5 Star safety Rating
    First car to be awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating for occupant protection to the Renault Laguna II.