Saturday Night Live

  • Started The Thinking of the Show

    Started The Thinking of the Show
    A spot on Saturday Nights opened so they needed to fill the spot. They did this by getting great comedy writers together and thinking of Saturday Night Live. Without thinking of the show it would never have happened <a href='
  • Period: to


  • First Show

    First Show
    After about a year thinking the producers finally put the show in action. The premiered it on this date. This was a historical first moment in the shows history. <a href='http://
  • Not Ready For Prime Time Era

    Not Ready For Prime Time Era
    This is the era when the show is just starting out. This era is voted the best of SNL history. This era brought in many talented people and it shows for how good it was.
  • Lorne Michaels Leaves

    Lorne Michaels Leaves
    He left because he made another show and had to be with that show. Also he was feeling a little burnt out. A lot of cast members thought they were doomed when this happened. This actually brought in some producers with great potential. Lorne Leaves
  • Crappy Era, Part One

    Crappy Era, Part One
    This gave reason to make the show better. The cast members just didn't work out. It also gave new ideas for the show.
  • Jean Doumanian Is Named Short Time Producer

    Jean Doumanian Is Named Short Time Producer
    When Lorne left Jean still had hope that the show would go on and not follow Lorne's leave. Which helped the show stay a float. Jean
  • Writers Strike

    Writers Strike
    This strike showed major problems with the show. All but one writers left with Lorne Michaels. The caused Jean to start the new season with a new cast and new writers. Strike
  • Eddie's Era

    Eddie's Era
    Eddy Murphy is what revived the show. After the strike and other cast members leaving Eddy was still there. Him mostly alone he brought the show back to its former state. Without him the show could still be nothing. Eddie
  • The Era of Celebrity Cast Members

    The Era of Celebrity Cast Members
    This one season celebrity cast is another thing that brought people to the show. With all the already known people, people knew to expect good things. Celebrity
  • Dick Ebersol Leaves Show

    Dick Ebersol Leaves Show
    This was just like when Lorne left the show. The person that revived the show was leaving. Nobody knew what was going to happen to the show. Dick E
  • Return of Lorne Michaels

    Return of Lorne Michaels
    People thought for sure that the show would be great. They thought that he had new stuff for the show to make it better. Lorne Returns
  • Featured Cast Members join Crew

    This got future cast members ready for the show. The featured members were not in as many skits as the others but they still were there. They learned from the people that were there for a while which made them better,
  • Crappy Era, Part Two

    Crappy Era, Part Two
    Just like with the first crappy era. This in a way helped the show get better. It showed what the producers and writers could do to make it better.
  • Era of Talented Women

    Era of Talented Women
    This era brought women into the spot light. This gave women a reason to watch SNL. It also showed that women can actually do something. <a href='
  • 9/11 Show

    9/11 Show
    This show was a booster to the people of New York. The cast invited the firemen onto the show and also the New York Mayor. It helped the people of New York get over 9/11 a little bit. It also brightened the people's spirits. <a href='