Sara's Outsiders Timeline

By Irish5
  • Chapter One

    Chapter One
    Ponyboy is leaving the movies alone and in just a couple of minutes of walking he gets jumped by Socs. They are about to cut his hair when Darry (his oldest brother), Sodapop (his other brother and middle child) and Two-Bit (just another member of the gang) come out of no where and save him.
  • Chapter Two

    Chapter Two
    Ponyboy, Johnny, Two-Bit and Dally go to the drive in movies. They meet two girls named Cherry and Marcia. Dally starts to be mouthy and rude. Johnny doesn’t like how he is treating to young harmless girls, so he stands up for them. Ponyboy gets to know Cherry and the two of them become friends even though he is a Greaser and she is a Soc.
  • Chapter Three

    Chapter Three
    Ponyboy, Two-Bit and Johnny walk the two girls’ home. While Ponyboy talks to Cherry he realizes that the Greasers and the Socs may not be so different. That they may live in total different areas of their town but they all see the same sun set. All of a sudden a blue mustang drives by and driving it is Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends. The two girls decide to go with their drunken boyfriends to stop a fight. Ponyboy leaves the guys to go home. He and Darry get into an argument and he slaps Ponyboy
  • Chapter Four

    Chapter Four
    Ponyboy runs from home to Johnny who is at the park. They start talking. Soon enough the Socs that are boyfriends with Cherry and Marcia show up. They yell at them for trying to steel their girls. Joe grabs Ponyboy and tries to drown him in the fountain. Johnny needs to help his friend so he stabs Joe with his pocket knife to make him stop. When Ponyboy starts to breathe again the Socs are gone and it’s just him and Johnny. They then realise that Johnny just killed a Soc and decide to run away.
  • Chapter Five

    Chapter Five
    Ponyboy and Johnny wake up the next morning from a night of running away. They went for help from Dally, who gave them directions to a place to lay low, a gun and money. Ponyboy wakes up and realizes that Johnny is gone. His imagination goes wild of ideas of where he could be. Finally he comes back from going shopping for supplies. He buys peroxide, baloney, Gone with the Wind, cards and cigarettes. They then cut both Ponyboy’s and Johnny’s hair and bleach Ponyboy’s. He doesn’t like this idea.
  • Period: to

    Ponyboy and Johnny live in abandon church

  • Chapter Six Part one

    Chapter Six Part one
    After a week of just living in a church, Ponyboy and Johnny are bored to heck. They are both surprised and thankful when Dally shows up. He brought Ponyboy a note form is brother Sodapop. It explains that both Sodapop and Darry are missing him badly. It also says that Darry is so sorry for hitting him. Ponyboy doesn’t know what to say. Dally takes the boys out for some food at Dairy Queen. After a while of eating Johnny makes an announcement, he tells them that he is going to turn himself in.
  • Chapter Six Part two

    Chapter Six Part two
    Dally and Ponyboy are amazed of what Johnny says. The three boys drive back to the church from Dairy Queen but there is a problem... the church is on fire. There is a panic from parents that are worried that their children are in the fire. Ponyboy and Johnny feel bad, so they go into the burning church. Risking their lives for little kids.
  • Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven
    Ponyboy is in the hospital with a brose on his back. Johnny has a broken back and is in critical condition. Dally is burned in the third degree on his arm. The nurse told Ponyboy that he has some visitors. His bothers are waiting in the door. They are very happy to see him. The Curtis family is reunited. They go home from the hospital, when they arrive home, Ponyboy sees a news paper. It has a picture of all the greasers, it talks about how there are some unlikely heroes in this town.
  • Chapter Eight

    Chapter Eight
    Ponyboy and Two-Bit visit the hospital, Johnny refuses to see his mother and Dally asks Two-Bit for his switchblade, he gives it to him. They all are getting ready for the rumble. Johnny and Dally want to go but are in the hospital. Dally threatens the nurse with the blade to leave the hospital. She lets him leave. Two-Bit and Ponyboy go home, Ponyboy is not feeling so well but hides it because he wants to go to the rumble. Before the battle Ponyboy talks to Cherry who refuses to visit Johnny.
  • Chapter Nine

    Chapter Nine
    After winning the rumble Ponyboy and Dally go tell Johnny in the hospital. That is where he dies; his last words were to Ponyboy saying “Stay Gold.” Dally goes crazy, he cant take it. Johnny was the only thing in his life that he loved other then himself and now he’s gone. Dally runs off with the pain of Johnny being died in his mind.
  • Chapter Ten

    Chapter Ten
    Dally is so upset that he rods a store. The police come after him, and that is when he gets shot and dies. Ponyboy can’t believe that two of they guys in the gang die in the same night. He wont let him self believe it. But he just can't take it anymore and he faints.
  • Period: to

    Ponyboy is sick

  • Chapter Eleven part one

    Chapter Eleven part one
    Know Ponyboy is in the hospital, he got a concussion from the rumble. And that’s why he was paranoid and not thinking clearly. He finally goes home and Randy (friends with Bob) comes to visits him. They talk about the hearing. Ponyboy is talking nonsense, he is saying that he killed Bob instead of Johnny and Johnny wasn’t really died. But that was the concussion talking.
  • Chapter 11 part two

    Chapter 11 part two
    : The hearing comes around and the judge asks questions. The judge asks Cherry, Randy and some other people Ponyboy doesn't now. Finally it was Ponyboy’s turn to be questioned. The judge asked numeral questions, not about the accident but more about Ponyboy’s family and life. After all that the judge closes the case and Ponyboy is acquitted.
  • Chapter Twelve part one

    Chapter Twelve part one
    : Ponyboy is back at school and has a paper due soon about something meaningful in his life. His teacher is after him to have it done. He is slipping in his English class. He has no clue on what he should do it on. He is walking home from school and a couple of Socs appear. He defends himself with a broke bottle, he scares them away. This is a total different Ponyboy.
  • Chapter 12 part two

    Chapter 12 part two
    When he gets home he looks at the book Johnny wanted him to have called “Gone with the Wind.” He realized that there is a note from Johnny inside. It tells him to again to stay gold and stay himself. Later that night he figures out an idea for his paper. Ponyboy ends up writing the book, all of what had happen in the past couple of weeks. He ends the book with the beginning.