Sarah Edmonds

  • Birth

    Sarah Edmond's early life was sad and it affected her life later on to make her tough. Sarah was born is Nova Scotia Canada. She was very poor and didn't go to school. Her and her family lived in the country on a farm. She didn't go to school because her family needed help. Sarah was abused by her father so she ran away.
  • Sarahs personality

    Sarah Edmonds was a risk taker because women aren't allowed in the military. And she was asked to be a spy which she didn't care because she wasn't even suposed to go in to the army so she didn't so she said "yes". Another reason why Sarah Edmonds is a risk taker is that she left in the middle of the war because, she didn't want to die and deserting is illegal. Sarahs early life was difficult but her middle life was dangerous. Sarah Edmonds will be remeberd for being a spy in the civil war.
  • Running from home

    Running from home
    After she ran away she moved to america. "I'm your man" said Sarah to the sargeant. Sarah faces challenges after her decision to run away. Is she tough enough to face the military? Since she's not allowed to join the military because she is a women so she dressed up as a man to get in.
  • Spy

    Sarah went behind enemy lines dressed up as a male slave and took a lot of notes. She gave the notes to her sergeant so they would know when to attack.
  • Joining the Union

    Joining the Union
    Sarah was a nurse disguised as a man that went to every injured man no matter where he was. One day after her day shift, she was heading to her tent and before she got there a sergeant asked her if she wanted to be a spy instead of being a nurse, Sarah repleyied"I'm your man"
  • After the union

    After the union
    She took all her notes she took her disguise off and she went back to her camp. Then ran away and left in the middle of war, completly deserted. Then after she left the war she met a man named L.H. Syeele. Sarah married him, and had kids one son enlisted the army "just like mama did".
  • Death

    Sarah edmonds lived for 56 years, 9 months and 4 days. And she was in the army for three years.