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Santa Anna's Hystory Tiemline

  • Portola's expedition

  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Mission San Juan Capistrano
    was established whithin they valley.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    a seageant of spanish army, was granted land that he called rancho santiago de santa anna.
  • Mexican American war

    Mexican American war
    ended in 1848 alta california became part of the united states
  • Orange County

    Orange County
  • Santa Fe trains

    "ten horse cars went to Tustin and two trains to Fairview, while 41 trains or trolleys touched Santa Ana each day." In 1906 the Red Car from Los Angeles ran right along Fourth St. on the new Pacific Electric line. By the 1950s the route was given up and the tracks were removed. In 1953 the Santa Ana Freeway opened between Broadway and First St.
  • donate spurgeon

    on land donated by Spurgeon at the northwest corner of Fifth and Sycamore streets. Church groups put on various socials and entertainments.
  • Pacific Electric Railway

    Pacific Electric Railway
  • William H. Spurgeon die

  • santa anna's purchansed

    its first fire engine with the powerful Seagrave pump. Previously only comparatively low water pressure from hydrants was available for fighting fires
  • building orange county

    Historical Society should have free use of the building
  • The citizen of santa ana

    The citizen of santa ana
  • Santa Ana revitalize

    Santa Ana revitalize
  • city owned ten "pumper"

    fire trucks, three of which have aerial ladders, and five paramedic ambulances. The Police Department by 1987 consisted of 359 officers and 203 civilian clerks.
  • Election os the Mayor

    Election os the Mayor
  • Period: to

    Santa Anna's Hystory Timeline