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Santa Anna,California

  • santa anna

    santa anna
    Expedition of gaspar de portola out Mexico City, then capitol of New Spain,friar Junipero Serra named the area Vallajo de Santa Ana.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    The commencement of the war of Mexico Independence
  • Jose Antonio Yordan

    Jose Antonio Yordan
    a sergeant of the spanish army,was granded land that he called Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.
  • Kentuckian William H.

    Kentuckian William H.
    Spurgeon on land obtained from the descendents of Jose antonio yordan. Santa Anna was incorporated as a city in 1886 and in 1889 became the seat of the newly formed Orande country.
  • Pacific Electric Railway

    Pacific Electric Railway
    Was extended to Santa Anna , running along fourth atreed donwtown. the red cars made travel to los angeles easier and helped continue santa Anna population continue.
  • glenn l Martin aviantion company

    glenn l Martin aviantion company
    mering with the wright company in 1916 later make a second the name is cleveland ohio.
  • the sanrta anna artist,s

    the sanrta anna artist,s
    Santa Anna has been characterized by an effort to revitalize the donwtown area which haddeclined in influence. was creating grand central art center.
  • Main Place Mall

    Main Place Mall
    was open noth of donwtown and became a major retail center for the area