Santa ana california

Santa Anna History

  • Gaspar de portola

    Gaspar de portola
    expedition of Gaspar de Portola out of Mexico City
  • Mission San Juan Capristrano

    Mission San Juan Capristrano
    was established wihtin this valley
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Year of the commencement of the war of mexican independence
  • Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana

    Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana
    A sergeant of the Spanish army
  • Alta Clifornia

    Alta Clifornia
    Became part of the United States
  • Kentuckian

    William H. Spurgeon on land obtained from the descendents
  • Orange Country

    Orange Country
    Became the seat of the newly formed orange country
  • Pacific Electric Railway

    Pacific Electric Railway
    From Los Angeles was extended to Santa Ana
  • Glenn L. Martin avitation company

    Glenn L. Martin avitation company
    Before merging with the Wright Company
  • Glenn Luther Martin

    Glenn Luther Martin
    later Glenn Luther Martin created a second company of the same name in Cleveland
  • Santa Ana Freeway

    Santa Ana Freeway
    Increasing the ease of travel by automobile.
  • Charter City

    Charter City
    having been a Charter City since
  • Main Place Mall

    Main Place Mall
    was opened north of downtown and became
  • Yost Theater

    Yost Theater
    wit the peopening of the historic