Santa Ana's histori!

  • Expedition Of Gaspar de Portola! the 1769 the espedition Of Gaspar de Portola out of Mexico City Friar Junipero Serra named the area Vallejo D e S anta Ana.
  • Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana!

    in 1810 of the commencement of the war of the Mexican Independence Jose Antonio Yorba a sergant of the spañish army was granted that he called Ranchi Santiago de S anta Ana.
  • Alta Clifornia

    after the mexican-americanwar ended in 1848 alta california became part of the united states and american settlers arrived in this area!
  • Los angeles

    by the 1906 the pacific electric railway from los angeles was extended to Santa Ana running along four street downtown!
  • The Santa Ana Army

    was build as a training center of USA army forces the base was responsible for continued population growth in Santa Ana
  • main place mall

    was opened downtown and became a mayor retail center of the area
  • Miguel A. Pulido

    was the mayor of Santa Ana the first mayor of latino descent in the city's history