Santa ana history

Santa Ana California History

  • Gaspear de Portola

    Gaspear de Portola
    after the expedition of Gaspar de Portola out of mexico city, then capital of New Espain
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Mission San Juan Capistrano
    In this time was established this mission within this valley.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Year of the commencement of the war of Mexican Independence
  • Alta California

    Alta California
    After the Mexican - American war ended , Alta California became part of the U.S.A.
  • Claimed by Kentuckian Willyam H. Spurgeon

    Claimed by Kentuckian Willyam  H. Spurgeon
    Claimed in this year on land obtained from the desendents
    of Jose Antonio Yorba.
  • Santa Ana

    Santa Ana
    It was incoporated as a city with a population of 2000
  • Orange Country

    Orange Country
    In this year became the seat of the newly formed Orange Country.
  • Pacific Electric Ray Way

    Pacific Electric Ray Way
    From Los Angeles was extended to Santa Ana, Rrun along Fourth
  • Glenn L. Martin Aviation Company

    Glenn L. Martin Aviation Company
    Santa Ana was the home of this aniation company.
  • Wright Company

    Wright  Company
    Glenn L. Martin aviation company merging with the Wright Company .
  • Declining Ridership

    Declining Ridership
    Due to declining ridership,the route was abandoded and the tracks were removed along with much of the rest pacific electric sistem.
  • Charter City

    Charter City
    having been a Charter City since date.
  • Santa Ana Freeway

    Santa Ana Freeway
    Opening of the Santa Ana Freeway, Increazing the ease of travel by automovile
  • Santa Ana - downtown area

    Santa Ana - downtown area
    Since this years,it has been characterized by an effort to revitlize the downtown area which had declined in influense.
  • Main Place Mall

    Main Place Mall
    It was opened north of downtown and became a major retail center of the area .
  • Anended Charter

    Anended Charter
    The citizens of Santa Ana amended the Charter to provide for direct election of the Mayor who until that until that point had been an appointed of council.
  • Yost Theater

    Yost Theater
    In this time the process has continued with the reoprning of this theater.