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  • Samsung Telecomunication

    The first device that Samsung has ever made.
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    Samsung phones

  • Samsung SC-100

    The first built in car phone. It was a faliure because of bad qualities.
  • Samsung SH-100

    Samsungs first mobile phone
  • Samsung SH-700

    The second phone of Samsung
  • Samsung SH-770

    Samsung SH-770
    Samsungs Sh-770 was a upgrade of the Samsung SH-700, it has better features and a better designe.
  • Samsung SCH-100

    Samsung SCH-100
    Samsung's first CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) phone
  • Samsung SGH-600

    Samsung SGH-600
    A second modle that Samsung made, as the previous version, the GSM-200 didn't attract any custumors. After making this modle Samsung got the award of Best Manufactured which used to be given to Nokia and Ericsson
  • Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung's first touch screen phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Lite

    Samsung Galaxy Lite
    Supposed to follow the footsteps of Samsung Galaxy it is offering a slightly toned down version
  • Samsung Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S
    A faster, bigger and better sensitivity than the previous Samsung phones
  • Samsung Galaxy 3

    Samsung Galaxy 3
    A smaller version of the Samsung galaxy S especially for people that prefer the older version better
  • Samsung Galaxy Europa

    Samsung Galaxy Europa
    The smallest Samsung phone at its period
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace

    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    A phone that has added features like the Quick type, type pad and work programs like Microsoft word, Excel……
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini

    Samsung Galaxy Mini
    The smallest phone that Samsung ever made
  • Samsung Galaxy S 2

    Samsung Galaxy S 2
    A higher version of the Samsung Galaxy S it was one of Samsung’s most popular phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Nexus is a new design made by Samsung that is not like the other Samsung phone as it different features like lock difference etc.
  • Samsung Galaxy S 3

    Samsung Galaxy S 3
    Right now Samsung’s latest phone, it is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 but is now Samsung’s best phone