Samanatha's read log 2013

  • Monster's are eating my friend

    This book was 130pages. The book is not about monster people about a person is that love video games. Two boys name Andy and Boy david and they meet the a the video kid. They played day and night but a few days late they hate video and they never, ever wanted to play video games again. I say that this book is recomeded for the boys in my class that play so many video games for ever.
  • Diary of the wimpy kid.

    This book was 235 pages. The book was about Rodrick's rules. Grey is his younger brother and Grey writes in diarys about his family and all the wierd stuff that goes on in their house. One night thier parents leave home and Rodrick was sick but once they had left Rodrick jump off his bed and called all his friends and they had a party. Their parents weren't very happy.
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    Samantha's reading log 2013

  • Geronimo Stilton Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro

    This book was 150 pages. Geronimo was walking home in the october evening. It was very chilly so when he got home her jump in the shower and a nice warm long shower. When he put his pj's on he went to the fridge and look at all the food.he couldn't decide what to have so he took one of every thing. But when he sat down Bruce Hyena jumped through the window and said, You have one choice you are come to walk up mount kilimanjaro.
  • Harry Potter

    650 pages long, Harry Potter I thought it was going to be boring and long to read but it was very the funny because that Harry had blow up his auntie and his stared to blow away. Harry let her down but he ran away.Harry aboraded a knight bus for wizards and muggle only.
    When he arrived at the toast plazer where alone wizard stay.Harry wanted for to stay thier until his friend can back so they could to hogwards.
  • One perfect pirouette

    This book was 245 pages. Bryanna attending the national ballet school is every aspiring dancer's dream. It's been Bryanna's for as she can remember.When her perents move her family to Melbourne so Bryanna can attend a top ballet school.It looks like her dream is about to become a reality.But why does she feel so awful about the move.
  • Harry Potter and philosopher's stone

    This book is 350 pages. When a letter arrives for unhappy but ordinary Harry Potter, a decade-old secret is revealed to him. His parents were wizards and they were killed a dark lords curse when Harry was just a baby. Which he survived. Escaping from his unbrearable Muggle guardians to Hogwarts. A wizard school brimmed with ghostsand enhantments.
  • Dustbin Cat

    This book was 159 pages. Stray cats are a problem in billy's town. Nobody wants them. But when Billy finds aninjured young cat among rubbish. he decides to keep her for as long as he can to help her to survier. later on she has kittens and he keep them when they get old they have to around and have food.
  • Ten girls who made history

    550 pages. These ten girls grew up and just made history.Mary-Jane prayed and helped young women.Emma studied astronomy and became a bible teacher. Florence became a nurse and was useful to god.Lottie thought missionaries were silly and then became one of herself. Lda changed her mind and then change lndia. Henritta dreamed big and wrote books.Bessie became a missonary in a horse-drawn and more.
  • The Thea Sister and the Cherry Blossom Adventure.

    250 pages. The Thea sisters are off to Japan on a curural echange program. While they're were busy exploring Kyoto andadmiring the beautiful cherry blossems a valuable item is stolen from thier friend Kumi's Family.The five mice go on a hunt to find the missing item to make sure that will be safe and sound home where it belongs .
  • Diary of the wimpy kid, Dog Day

    450 pages. It's the summer hoildays and the weather great. All the kids are having fun outside when Greg Heffley is inside his house playing video games with the curtians drawn. Greg a self-confessed indoor person how is living out his ultimate summer fantasy. No responsibilities and no rules. But Greg's mum has a different vision for an ideal summer. One packed with outdoor activities and family togetherness.
  • Spy Dog

    300 pages. Lara may have retired the secret service but she can still sniff out danger. On the trail of her long lost dad. Lara discovers a team of rocket building scientists- the evil ones. Their leader is a nasty criminal who want to cause trouble in space and only the one and only Lara can save the world and herself and her long lost dad that she look forward to meeting.
  • The Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris

    300pages .When Colette invites her her friends to come home with her to Paris for spring break, The five mice are delighted to go to paris for their spring break.While they're in France they all got to attend Colette's fashion-designer cousin Julie's runway show at the Eiffel Tower. But soon after the Thea sister arrive Julie's designs are stolen the Thea sister catch the theif and they get Julie's designs back and then they win the fashion show.
  • Judy Moody Girl Detective

    This book was 180 pages. Judy Moody is in an honset to jeeper's Naccy Drew Mystery solving mood.Judy Moody turns Judy drewdy when she find herself smack dab in the middle when Mr Chips the the dog who has been training to be a crime dog chaser to find people that are steal. Mr Chips was stolen by an evil dognapper. Agent Judy Drewdy is on the case.
  • Summer the hoilday fairy>

    This book was 200 pages. Summer the hoilday fairy is getting all hot and bothered trying to keep Rainspell Island the best place to go on vacation. But the Evil Jack Frost has stolen the three magic shell and all the sand from the beach to make the biggest sand castle . It only up Rachel and Kirsty and Dummer to get the three magic shells back to make everyones hoilday great.
  • Stella the Star fairy

    This Book was 500 pages Stella the star fairy can't keep christmas bright and shiny without her three magical tree decorations.The Evil Jack Frost has taken the decorations to his land Goblin Grotto to ruin christmas for everyone. Rachel and Kirsty help Stella to get the christmas decoration back to where they belong so christmas will be the good and nothing happen to all the other kids will the present santa. This book is 200 pages.
  • Pookie Aleera is not my Boyfriend

    430 pages. In a country town there is a school just like other schools.The kids in class 6A tell their stories. There's Mike the school captain and sometime a troublemaker. He wants tomake the school a better place but while his young brother,Jocob just wants to be a fly. There's shy and lonely Laura who hopes to finally fit in with the circle of her friends. Mick help out and then she not as shy and know tall to her friends.
  • Spy school

    Was 350 pages .Ben Ripley may be top of the class at his old school but he's not exactly spy school material. So why has he been recruited by the CIA to attend their top secret academy for the super spies of the future. It turns out that Bens hasn't been brought in for his maths skills but as biat to draw out double agent. Ben is trianing hard out so he can become a secret spy
  • Geronimo and the stone of fire(CAVE MEN)

    This book was 500 pages long, Geronimo was in his mouse hole waiting for the for all the scare animals to move away from his house before he could run to the rodent geazte then he got a stone slap and in said, Come and take aventure with me ...
  • Heroes Olympus the son of neptune

    was 607 pages. Percy Jackson, the son Poseidon, God of the sea that has woken from a very deep sleep and come face to face with two snake-haired ladies who want to kill him. But they have a problem. Because Percy finds himself at a camp for half-bloods, which doesn't ring any bells from him. There's just one name that he can remembers from his past. Annabeth.
  • Thea Stilton And the Prince's emerald

    was 250 pages. when the thea sisters friend ashvin is in trouble they rush to his aid... in india ashvin has been working to return the monkeys living in the big city to their natural jungle enviroment. but the monkeys have suddenly started stealing jewels can the thea sisters figure out who is behind this terrible theft.
  • Matilda

    This book was 360 pages. Matilda lives with a family whitch is normally but Matilda family is very updata with telvison, they watch tv at dinner and they eat dinner at the same time on take away plates. When Matilda is three years old she learnt to read and do maths. Then later on her parent say that they moving and that she wants to stay here so miss Honey adobted her
  • Harry Potter and the half blood prince

    was 607 pages. pages. It is the middle of summer. But there is an unsensonal mist pressing against the windowpanes. Harry Potter is waiting nervously in his room at the Dursleys house on priver drive for a vist from professor dumbedore himself...
  • Ivy and Bean What the big idea

    This book was 350 pages. It's the science fair time at Emerson School and kids in Ms Aruba-Tate's class are supposed to find a way to cool down the earth Some kid thought of robots that pick up litter and some kids thought two make other Kids hold there breath for a very long time.
  • Green Gables

    Marilla and Matthew cuthert are in for a big surprise. They're waiting for an orphane boy to help with work at Green Gables - but a skinny, red haired girl turn up instead. Feisqty and full of spirit, Anne Shirley charms her way into the Cuthbert's affection with her vivid imagination and contant chatter.
  • The Queen and the Nobody Boy

    This Book was 452 pages long. Hodie is the unpaid odd-job at the Grand Palace in the Kingdom Of Fantania. Fed-up, he decides to leave and better himself.
    The young Queen, 12 year old Sibilla is fed-up too. Sick of gossip about her lack of magical ability, she decides to run with Hodie wheather he likes it or not
  • Ivy and Bean No news is good news

    This Book was 345 Pages long.Ivy and Bean needs some money.Ten Dollars to be exact. Never mind what it's for. Okay, it's for cheese. Two bags of low-fat belldeloon cheese in a speacial serving just for you.
  • Flawless

    323 pages. Aria is broken hearted over her teacher. Emily likes her New Friend Maya... AS MUCH MORE THAN A FRIEND. Hanna obsession with looking Flawless. Then there's a house fire by someone named A
  • Lord of the Rings

    430 pages. In a sleep village in shire, a young hobbit is entrusted with an immenset task. He must make a perilous journey across middle -earth. He didn't want to but he did
  • The longest whale song

    Ella is feeling painfully alone. Her best friend has goneoff with someone else. Her stepdad is tired and grumpy. The new baby screams his head off. And wrost of all, her mum is in a coma in hospital, unable to touch or talk to anyone.
  • Buried alive!

    This book is 252 pages.I seem to be in the middle of dire and dangerous adventure. Tim, Biscuits and Kelly are back, no more adventure hoildays for these three or at least that's what they think.
  • Small Step

    This book was 255 pages. It's three years since Armpit left Cam Green Lake and he's take small step to turn his life around . He's working for a landscape gardener because he's good at diggging holes, He's going to summer school because of being at Camp Green lake and he's enjoying it and trying to build himself up agian.
  • James and the gaint peach

    James's aunts, Spiker and Sponge are always calling him names. They beat him and stave him make make his life so miseralbe. If only his Parents hadn't been eaten by and escaped rhinoceros.
  • Dustbin Baby

    April shower was dump it to a rubish bin when so was only new born. She meet a lady by crying all day long. She live in a rubish bin all her life. This book was 156 pages .
  • The Enormouse pearl heist

    One day my friend and I made and amzing discovery. we found a huge oyster - with a enormouse pearl inside I was so excited about this rare, precious pearl that I wrote a special feature about it.
  • The Quest Of Paradise

    I, Geronmio Stilton,never expected to return to the kingdom of fantasy. But when I received a letter blossem, The queen of the frairies asking if Geronmio could help her out with something.
  • Midnight

    Violet has got plenty to wish for but she wishes that her brother, Will, would be kinder to her. She wishes she could hide the terrrible secret that she discovered about him. She windes she had a real friend to confide in. And, most of all, she wishes she could meet her favourite author. Casper Dream. This was 190 pages.
  • Down and out down under

    This book was 154 pages. I was off to a fabumouse adventure to Austriala. But between surfing with sharks, being chased by poisonous snakes and getting lost in the outback, I was beginning to wonder if this trip was a good idea
  • Serpenents gold

    It is more terrifying than any animal on earth. Because it comes from another dimension. Beneath London's streets lie ancient ley lines. Their mysterious powers have suddenly darkened. Nughtmarish creatures prowl the suburbs. :) This book was 398 pages.
  • The journey to atlantis

    The Thea Sisters discover a mysterious boy with blue skin washed up on the shore. He specks an unfaniliar language, so the five mice call Thea Stilton for help. She sets the mouselings on an exciting Journey To hunt for clues about the boy. This book was 308 pages.
  • Ballarina

    Casey quinn was born to dance. She didn't go go to ballet school or any money. She goes and works at the hospital to earn moeny to go and get her dream. This book is 304
  • Judy Moody around the world in 8 1/2 days

    Judy Moody meets a girl named Amy Namey. They became Best friends and they make hame made gum together and the went to each others house and she forgot every thing else. They were best friend forever. This book is 164 pages.
  • Bad Girl

    Mandy has been picked on at school for as long as she can remember. That's why she is delighted when she cheeky, daring, full-of-fun Tanya picks her as her as friend. This book was 206 pages.
  • tresure island

    this book is 176 pages.
  • Magic Kitten

    Jemma with is the dairy and she stop and saw a sivler lion. The lion start to talk to her. Turn around and blinked then the lion was gone but found a small kitten sitting by a rubbish bin
    This book was 300 pages Long
  • Singing Sentation

    Geronimo was working late at his office. No was there until, he started to sing to the radio. Then the phone rang, it was champ strong paws. He had ring him for a speacial reason.
    This book was 150 pages long
  • Candyfloss

    This book was 500 pages long.
    It was Floss birthday. She had breckfast in bed and presents at the same time. Floss opened all her presents but there was one more still to come. Her Step Dad Steve had got a promotion and got told to start a job over in Austrilla. Explained. Floss could believe her ears. Floss had her real Dad in town too. Floss ask if he was going to come with us.
  • Birthday Girl

    Annabelle's birthday was coming up soon. She wanted it to be the best party out of friends. Friends loved her partys, but this year Annebelle's friend Nicole had a rock climbing party. She got to invite as many people as she wanting. But Annabelle asked her Mum she siad that I could only have 3 people if I wanting a rock climbing party... This Book is 300 pages long
  • Sleep over

    Oliva was excited one morning because school finishing today and she going to stay with her friend Ching Ching. Ching Ching and Oliva were best friends and wanting to start the summer together. When the very last bell was about to ring but Oliva wasn't to sure if wanted to stay with Ching Ching now.... This was 300 Pages.