Sallies Timeline

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  • Aug 21, 1567


    Saint Francis De Sales Birth
  • Becoming a Priest

    Becoming a Priest
    On this day St.Francis became a priest
  • Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary

    Francis and Jane founded the Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary.
  • Francis Dies

    Francis Dies
    Francis de Sales died of a stroke.
  • Saint Jane

    canonized a saint
  • Francis canonized a saint

    canonized a saint by Pope Alexander VII
  • Feast Days

    St.Francis De Sales feast day.
  • The feast of Saint Jane de Chantal

    This is when we celebrate her and remember her.
  • Patron Saint of the Deaf

    Patron Saint of the Deaf
    Pope Pius IX declared him Patron Saint of the Deaf in
  • End

    Oblate First Vows