400px witchcraft at salem village

Salem Witch Trials

By johng17
  • The Girls

    The Girls
    Two girls (Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams) start having strange behavior such as screaming, convulsive seizures and trance-like states etc
  • Diangnois

    Doctors try to find out what is wrong with them and they conclude that it is the devil.
  • Remedies

    Reverend Samuel Parris organized community fasting and praying as en attempt to rid the devil out of the girls. To find the witches that supposedly possessed the girls the reverend baked a witceh cake that consisted of the two girls urine and rye meal to counter the wiches magic. In the end the girls accuesd Tituba Parris' Carib, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. Tituba confesed that there were other witches in Salem.
  • Accusations

    Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne are denounced as witches in court. Only Tiruba confesed to beaing a witch. In the following weeks up until the 28th 3 other people are accuesd and denounced as witches. Here are there names Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, and Elizabeth Proctor. There where many other accusations and finaly the girls where thought to be lying.