Salem witch trial engraving

Salem Witch Trials

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    Salem Witch Trials

  • Tituba

    Tituba baked a "witch cake" and fed it to a dog who is believed to be a "familiar" of the Devil.
  • Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne

    Based on the accusations of young girls, arrest warrants were issued for the arrest of these 3 women.
  • Bridget Bishop

    Bridget Bishop
    Bridget Bishop is hanged at Gallows Hill
  • Rebecca Nurae, Susannah Martin, Sarah Wildes, Sarah Good & Elizabeth Howe

    These women were tried, found guily and sentenced to death by hanging.
  • Imprisoned witches pardoned

    Imprisoned witches pardoned
    Governor Phips pardoned all those in prison charged with witchcraft.