Salem Witch Trials

Timeline created by Michael Hobert
In History
  • Arriving in Salem

    Personsaccused of witch craft are being examined. many people gathered to watch. very bad to see.
  • Giles Cory

    Giles Cory is pressed to death because he refused to plead
  • Prayers

    I pray that God wouldpardon all my sinful wanderings and direct e for the future. would he bless me in our debates. and save New England
  • Bible Readings

    Sam recited to me today mathew 12 from the sixth to the seventh. it reminded me of the awful tragedy of Salem.
  • Petition is sent

    Petition is sent to town on the behalf of Dorcas Hoar, who now confesses. Accordingly an order is sent to the sheriff to forbear her execution notwithstanding her beingin the warrant to die tommorow.