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    French Revolution

    The timeline and events throughout this time period in history
  • Dawn of the Revolution

    Dawn of the Revolution
    The Third Estate voted for the establishment of the Nation Assembly. This meant the monarchy would no longer stand and instead, there will be a government. They also started to work on a new constitution
  • Storming the Bastille

    Storming the Bastille
    Rumors started going around that the former King was going to retaliate against the Nation Assembly using Military force. Because of this, the citizens started collected weapons. They then stormed into bastille, which was a prison, for gun powder and weapons. They attacked and killed many guards and the prison commander paraded the streets with their heads on spikes. This was important because people start to retaliate and use power.
  • Assembly reforms

    Assembly reforms
    Noblemen started making speeches about equality and liberty. This was done out of fear. The privileges of the first and second estates were removed so that everyone was equal.
    This was important because equality was brought among people
  • A Limited Monarchy

    A Limited Monarchy
    The Nation Assembly created the new constitution and the King had to approve. This removed much of the authority and power the king held. The Nation Assembly now had the power to create laws and choices/power with war declaration. This is important because these people had proper representatives and the king was no longer in control of a lot of things
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    The women of Paris were angry with the cost of bread. They gathered their weapons and went onto Versailles. They asked for bread but soon they got angry and broke into the palace, killing guards.
    I feel like this was important because women started taking charge of what they wanted and took action which later lead to more events.
  • Losses of American Territories

    Losses of American Territories
    The planters of Saint Domingue heard of the revolution and wanted the same privilege as the people of France. Enslaved Africans also wanted their freedom. With that, the Civil war came about and with Toussaint L’Ouverture, they won.
    I feel like this was important because these people heard of this revolution was encouraged to fight for their rights
  • Napoleon

    "Royalist rebels" marched on the Nation Convention. Napoleon was told to defend the delegates. With his gunners and cannon, he scared away attackers. He was then known as "Savior of the French Republic"
    This was important because this was another beginning and he was a hero.
  • The Peninsular War

    The Peninsular War
    Napolean wanted Portugal to accept his system but they refused. He sent an army through pain and took their king. In retaliation, the Spaniard fought back in groups and defeated them, French soldiers, with the help of the British. This was is important to me because these people see what was happening to their people and refused to let it be.
  • The Invasion of Russia

    The Invasion of Russia
    Napoleon and Alexander I were allies but the Russian czar stopped selling grain to Britain and rulers of both Russia and France suspected each other of competing so Napoleon decided to invade Russia. In the end, Russia won. This is important to me because these people worked strategically to defeat these people after was done.
  • Holy Alliance

    Holy Alliance
    Rulers of Europe were concerned about their nations due to the French Revolution and didn't want anymore to occur. Because of that, The Holy Alliance was formed. It was for them to help each other and keep a relation. This was important because now, these nations learned a lesson and are now at peace