Safety Technology in Vehicles

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  • Safety Glass Introuduced

    Safety Glass Introuduced
    In 1930 Ford introduced safety glass on their new cars
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    Safety in Vehicles

  • Seat Belts and Padded Dashboards

    Seat Belts and Padded Dashboards
    In the 1930s, plastic surgeon Claire L. Straith and physician C. J. Strickland advocated the use of seat belts and padded dashboards. Strickland founded the Automobile Safety League of America
  • Back up break system

    Back up break system
    In 1936, the Hudson Terraplane came with the first back-up brake system. Should the hydraulic breaks fail, the brake pedal would activate a set of mechanical brakes for the back wheels.
  • First Padded Dashboard

    First Padded Dashboard
    In 1947 the American 1948 Tucker Sedan was built with the world's first padded dashboard. It also came with middle headlight that turned with the steering wheel, a front steel bulkhead, and a front safety chamber
  • Safety Cage

    Safety Cage
    In 1949 SAAB incorporated aircraft safety thinking into automobiles making the Saab 92 the first production SAAB car with a safety cage.
  • Head Rests

    Head Rests
    In 1959, American Motors Corporation offered the first optional head rests for the front seat.