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Rylee Jahn

  • The Middle of 1718

    The Middle of 1718
    Missionaries led by Antonio de San buenaventura Olivares began three missions.
  • The Middle of 1731

    The Middle of 1731
    Settlers arrive from the Canary Islands to form a new civil settlement.
  • The Middle of 1750

    The Middle of 1750
    Bexar has developed a thriving ranching economy dominated by missionaries, soldiers, and civilians.
  • The Middle of 1763

    The Middle of 1763
    France, Spain, and England agree to divide the land in the New World.
  • The Middle of 1772

    The threat of Indian hostilities causes Spain to reorganize its outposts.
  • The Middle of 1777

    The population of Bexar has increased; 1,351 people live in civilian and presidio communities, and 709 reside in the missions.
  • Jose Antonio Navarro

    Jose Antonio Navarro
    Jose Antonio Navarro is born to Maria Josefa and Angel Navarro at San Antonio de Bexar.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston was born.
  • The Middle of 1800

    The Middle of 1800
    Spain agrees to return Lousiana to France.
  • The Miidle of 1801

    An American trader and filibuster , Philip Nolan, enters Northeast Texas to hunt for wild horses.