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Ruth Graves Wakefield

  • Ruth Graves Wakefield is born.

    Ruth Graves Wakefield is born.
    On June 17, 1905, Ruth Wakefield was born in East Walpole, Masachusetts.
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    Ruth Wakefield

    The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie.
  • Education

    Ruth Wakefield started education at the Framingham Sate Nrmal School Department of Household Arts. Later she worked as a dietitian.
  • The Toll House

    The Toll House
    In this year, Ruth Wakefield and her husband Kenneth Donald Wakefield bought a toll house. It became a restaurant in which Ruth did all the cooking, and the place became known for the fabulous desserts, It was known as The Toll House Inn. Even John F. Kennedy visited her restaurant!
  • The Butter Drop Do Cookie Catastrophe

    The Butter Drop Do Cookie Catastrophe
    When Ruth Wakefield was making a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, one of her favorite recipes, she realized that she didn't have any baker's chocolate. This was a very important ingredient, so Ruth substituted the chocolate for pieces of Nestle's semisweet chocolate bars. This resulted in the choclate chip cookie, then called the toll house cookie. This was a new invention as the chocolate did not melt, instead it stayed in smei-soft pieces.
  • Nestle and The Deal

    Nestle and The Deal
    While Ruth's cookie became more popular and was published in lots of newspapers in the area, Nestle was making a deal with the cook. They promised her a life time supply of chocolate, and they would print the recipe on the semisweet chocolate wrappers.
  • The Chips

    The Chips
    Nestle started selling semisweet chocolate specifically for cookies. They even came with a knife, so you could cut your own chocolate. Eventually, Nestle just sold already cut chocolate chips.
  • The Cookbook

    The Cookbook
    Ruth Graves Wakefield's cookbook, "Tollhouse Tried and True Recipes" was for the last time published. Before, it was printed 39 times!
  • Death

    Ruth Wakefield died after a long illness in the Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, She was 73. Her husband lived on until his hundredth birthday in 1997